The technical index of new-style wood floor all level of prep above state

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Recently, come from Chinese lumber man-made of current association, country board detect the expert of the unit such as courtyard of Lin Ke of Lin Ke courtyard of university of forestry of center, Beijing, China, Jilin, mu Fu adds up to the frame type fact that to industry of timber of Guangdong gold island Wang Renzhong of limited company CTO passes many second experiment, own research and development real wood of floor and incurvate area structure is compound floor, think consistently, these two floors changed the history of linear floor unify the whole country on the market, and the structure is reasonable, original environmental protection, it is the product that poor dissimilation provides extremely in wooden floor industry, have very strong market competition ability.

Our country is the country that a forest lacks, as world lumber resource decrease with each passing day, how resource conservation, raise the integrated utilization rate of lumber, already became one of issues that in recent years industry of floor of our country wood is badly in need of solving. And these two floors that Wang Renzhong invents, innovate through the technology, achieved new breakthrough in managing lumber and environmental protection respect not only, and still solved all the time since the craze that perplexes floor industry, case arch, go all out outfit from seam wait for a problem.

By the country relevant section issue detect the report shows, the decisive technology index of these two floors, all level of prep above state, will mix in March this year on the relevant industry fair that will hold in Shanghai and Guangzhou respectively in July, caused the attention become reconciled of domestic and international person of the same trade to judge. Current, wang Renzhong already submitted these two floors patent application to bureau of national intellectual property. Next, industry of timber of Guangdong gold island limited company will roll out these two to be tasted newly to the market, popularize a respect to send force in the market.

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