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Yesterday, saved industrial and commercial bureau to announce the quality of building materials commodity that the 2nd quarter sells to provincial and current domain this year to monitor a situation, the commodity such as canal of the housing materials aluminous profile that current to this province domain sells, stainless steel, PVC, cement undertook monitoring, percent of pass only 40.2 % . Be like the 11 batch commodity with eliminate pure label and clean unqualified content, immanent quality is eligible 138 batch, immanent quality percent of pass is 43.7 % .

According to selectiving examination, the quality of wire rod of current domain aluminous profile, stainless steel is not good. Main problem: It is label label not complete or do not accord with a standard to ask; The 2 profile that are aluminous profile are the smallest the wall is large do not accord with a standard to ask with ply of oxidation, compound film; 3 it is stainless steel wire rod medium chemical composition does not accord with a standard to ask. Additional, the label of aluminous profile tags content not incorrect, complete.

PVC - U drainpipe only 18 % are eligible

Look from the result that selective examination, I am provincial and current all sorts of PVC of field place distribute - the quality of U drainpipe and cement returns the quality problem with more serious existence, especially PVC - the percent of pass of U drainpipe, white cement and stickup cement is serious on the low side, mix for 18 % only 20 % . PVC - U drainpipe is because of national level recommend sexual level, mass-produced enterprise is reduce cost, enhance the price competition ability of the product, in succession formulate industry standard, a few crucial index in GB (if drawing succumbs intensity) be reduced substantially or delete directly, in the industry standard that has a company, this project is be more than or be equal to 10MPa, and GB is 40MPa, it is the 25 % that GB asks only. Special attention answers when consumer is bought.

Cement is burned break quantity, fineness unqualified

This second selective examination 4 batch cement is burned break quantity and 1 batch cement fineness unqualified. Cause fineness unqualified main reason is clinker to calcine undesirable, mix into sums mixture material character poorer or mix into adds excess. Burn lose an amount unqualified cause cement intensity on the low side easily, the likelihood causes quality safety accident.

Exposure stage 

The black power card that mark calls plant of strong cement of solid of dragon door county to produce value of actual measurement of 28 days of compressive strength is the common silicate cement of 32.5 grade 19.8MPa, be worth the 60 % of 32.5MPa for the standard only.

The white cloud card that mark calls limited company of white cement of snow of city of source of Hunan Province ripples to produce high grade white cement fights 425 # 28 days fold value of intensity actual measurement to be 0.5MPa, differ with 6.5MPa of mark fiducial value 12 times, value of actual measurement of 28 days of compressive strength is 1.9MPa, differ with 42.5MPa of mark fiducial value 21 times, this " high grade white cement " basically did not use value.
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