Ba Sifu is rolled out new-style the argent printing ink that is used at car wind

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Recently, research and development of company of Ba Sifu activator gives a kind of new-style system, will argent printing ink is used on car windshield.

The development trend of car line of business is the performance that improves car windshield. Spray printing ink wants before windshield is being used mostly, for instance printing ink of enamel of spray black glass regards adornment as the edge, printing ink of spray silvery white rises to prevent mist and adornment effect, black printing ink is to prevent polyurethane glue to suffer ultraviolet ray to destroy.

Recently, company of Ba Sifu activator (predecessor is the company that bring case) scientist and engineers already ground give out a kind of new-style system, will argent printing ink is used on car windshield, the company states its client can use this technology at an any factories of world each district, help them cut down purchase cost.

Robert of manager of technology of Ba Sifu company says: %26ldquo; our target is development black and system of argent printing ink, make the client inside global limits all can accrual. A few products before us already were able to apply extensively in different country, and new technology can be inside global limits general, because it has identical technical parameter. %26rdquo;
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