American inventor generates new-style environmental protection with dawdle firep

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Two inventor of the United States develop a kind of green recently organic recipe, can use dawdle to generate the environmental protection that is used at building an industry to have machine stuff.
Two contriver are very young----Dust this. Bell is 21 years old, kevin. Yindaer is 22 Mack years old, it is school of arts and crafts (the double degree of RPI) is graduate, major mechanical engineering and products plan and major of research and development. Bell grows in Fomengte as a child the farm of the city, from the secret of success that knew to cultivate dawdle not less over there father.

Normally dawdle is pizza only with makings, won't rise with housing materials connection absolutely, dan Beier does not think so. The Bell of knowledge of extremely rich agriculture and the colleague Mack that are good at practical technology because tower Er together, make a %26ldquo; green organic %26rdquo; recipe- - what by water, flour, ostracean dawdle Bao and pearlite ore make one kind is organic and fireproof board, already filed patent. The place of city of goods of zoology environmental protection that they hope this one invention can be enlarged ceaselessly before long is accepted. Overcome Yindaer to estimate according to wheat however, throw on the market of this one organic material still needs time one year at least, still need to undertake consider and developing the work further, more do not carry reopen to send more sophisticated range of products.

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