Is the citizen achieved oneself " section water closestool " why does the invent

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Must use 3 litres to closestool or 6 premium, he can do with 2 premium only. 29 days afternoon, inventor Xie Yaolin revealed him to be achieved oneself to the reporter " section water closestool " .

"Had a creation, it is difficult to look for manufacturer. The invention cannot apply, I did not have the energy of the invention now. " Xie Yaolin says, "Section water closestool " patent application comes down already two years, but did not find manufacturer production all the time, he feels very lose.

Xie Yaolin is Hainan person, this year 40 years old, live in guest new residential quarter, it is free profession at present person.

Section water closestool is simple and practical

The outfall of closestool is used up bending catchment path, so that give water mouth place to leave the water that has certain amount to isolate at be in,blowdown provides the channel with the outside, prevent peculiar smell to send out in the space. Want to form impulsive force with many water in strong water process, ability discharges excrement and urine.

Xie Yaolin says, at the beginning of 2004, inspected first gear item is defended to be pleasant to the eye to compare closestool of water spelling an item in some, he begins to consider a creation " section water closestool " . Pass a test for many times, he invented displacement 2 litres " section water closestool " . 2005, he from bureau of national intellectual property, take " section water closestool " patent.

Xie Yaolin demonstrated his invention unit to reporter spot. Introduce according to him, he invents " section water closestool " , need 2 premium to be able to rinse closestool clean only. A tube is set in the place of sewage draining exit of common closestool basin, the other one aspect of the matter of tube and blowdown provide sealed link. In tube mid upper part sets to control lever, press lever to pass canal of sex of a paragraph of steel and hose connection. When will press lever downward, can tube mid up protuberant local depress, make the integral position of tube the sewage draining exit under closestool basin, can use so a few water rinses closestool basin clean. When losing outside force, press lever to answer former, drive tube up protuberant, let partial water stay inside tube, the peculiar smell that holds back blowdown canal sends out come out.

"Need to alter simply only, with respect to the effect that can achieve section water. " Xie Yaolin says, now, use 3/6 generally to rise double key-press closestool. 1/4 what our country average per capita has fresh water resource to be less than the world, the situation that lack water is grimmer. If a 3 home uses on 2 litres " section water closestool " , average every month can be managing 360 premium, can save 131400 litres one year on average.
Market research

Closestool section water is client first selection

29 days, the reporter visited a town on the west each building materials commercial firm of city of smooth pottery and porcelain of road, tower. The reporter understands, now, the closestool that sell is 3/6 to rise double key-press closestool more.
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