Vitreous act wall year generate electricity nearly 3000 degrees

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The wall of new-style glass act of an edifice, already can block wind, block rain, counteractive typhoon and shock-proof, still can use sun illumination to undertake generating electricity at the same time %26mdash;%26mdash; and year electricenergy production can amount to 2735 degrees! The wall of act of glass of the energy-saving function that decrease a platoon of initiate of such a kind of whole nation, pass expert series in Shenzhen yesterday namely acceptable system of %26rdquo; of wall of act of smooth hot season of 6kW of edifice of the Bo austral %26ldquo; , this purpose builds and pass test and verify, fill the multinomial blank of domain of technology of our country solar energy.
The appraisal that the reporter learns to organize from city solar energy yesterday learns on meeting and press conference, by south the wall of act of the Bo austral Shenzhen of Bo group subordinate and construction of design of company of engineering of smooth hot season, the 2nd acting photoelectricity that has own intellectual property solar energy of edifice of the Bo austral %26mdash;%26mdash; of act wall system is smooth project of system of volt act wall, pass expert appraisal smoothly. This purpose is checked and accept, indicating Shenzhen city solar energy is smooth volt built unifinication application to go up again a new chance to extricateoneself from an awkward position, and go in countrywide front row.

Bo edifice builds elevation south 26.6 meters, build this south system of wall of act of Bo edifice photoelectricity is rebuild on the base that has building act wall already and become.

According to expert introduction, project of system of wall of this photoelectricity act returns initiate 7 technologies, include among them: Use the form of wall of double deck act of outer circulation, solved building act wall successfully to apply component of smooth hot season to arise medicinal powder heat and the problem that build thermic load to increase; Adopt package of concealed casing double Bo, found component of material smooth hot season to apply a beginning, solved the problem that agrees with original structure effect to wait.

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