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Patent product (ZL200420094106.4) the filter core type that centrifugal type compresses inhaler and tradition without filter core filters filtering the distinction that there is essence on the principle, it is to use aerodynamics principle and means of centrifugal type depart. Except water, except oil, wait for foreign matter efficiency to be as high as except dirt99.99%; And need not change any filter core; Can replace adsorptive type drier to use at the same time; Main body filters successive service life is as long as the part58Year. Apply successfully in at presentSMTStick a machine, spray to bake equipment of equipment of seven room, numerical control, medical treatment, product line to always have application etc to the domain that compresses gas.

Centrifugal type compresses an inhaler to had fashioned seriation product without filter core, discharge limits: 01200L/min, can come according to the diverse demand of the user type selecting, contented terminal uses the requirement of air equipment, all-around provide high grade, efficient, agile service for terminal client, solve filter of type of traditional filter core to keep clear of to compressing the water in air, oil, dirt to wait thoroughly sordid brought trouble, Change bad news material charge is reduced for 0, lengthen terminal to use the service life of air equipment. Offer cleanness with air equipment for your terminal, clean excellent power source, compress ours hard inhaler product is madeCompress ours hard inhaler product is madeThe protection of pneumatic equipment is magical, compress air cleanness expertCompress air cleanness expert.

Filter of more traditional filter core type is compared is revolutionary breakthrough!
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