"Cruel " coating is housetop shading

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The power consumption for bring down air conditioning and the influence to greenhouse effect, how does the scientist drop in temperature effectively for the building in research all the time. The infrared ray in sunshine is the cause that causes temperature to rise, if the building materials of housetop contains the part that draws infrared ray, warm up extent can rise. The expert of the company of A Kesu Nobel with global chemistry and coating well-known industry thinks, the coating that your housetop place uses has function of reflection infrared ray, will be to make the building drops in temperature, reduce the efficient way of bear of low air conditioning.

The research unit such as Akesunuobeier and laboratory of state of Oak Ridge of subordinate of American energy department and laboratory of Laurence Berkley state cooperates, developed jointly the name is " Cool Chemistry " coating series. They can achieve the goal that reduces housetop temperature through reflexing infrared ray, make build refrigeration specific power consumption to reduce most be as high as 40% .

Research makes clear use the metallic roof that turns over infrared coating to be able to drop in temperature substantially. The metallic roof surface that the experiment proves to use Cool Chemistry coating and Tu Youxiang are the same as color the housetop photograph of common coating is compared, former temperature wants low centigrade 16.7 degrees go to 27.8 degrees.

This coating reflexes infrared ray effectively, because it contains painting of special in relief reflection,be (SRPs) . These composition passed the processing of physical method and chemical method, in reflection infrared ray while absorb the visible light that waits for a quantity. The painting that loses because of its color and hot reflex ability is same, but temperature is low however much.

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