Technology of sound insulation glass obtains a breakthrough

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Traditional sound insulation glass has hollow with vacuum two kinds, but anyhow, need two glass to come compose builds a space that close, achieve soundproof result thereby. Achieve similar sound insulation result through transforming to yield common glass, group of an engineer of foreign that the name is Bei Yin and his research and development will apply at earphone eliminates noise technology mediumly to apply to glass normally, achieve soundproof goal with this.

Well-known, sound transmits through vibration, door window also is to pass vibration to convey sound enter indoor, accordingly, want to be able to control the vibration of door window only, adjust according to need, can achieve soundproof result. This kind of new-style sound insulation glass uses this kind of principle just about, special substance is added inside common glass, control vitreous vibration from this and realize soundproof. According to saying, this product hopeful is inside 5 years throw on the market.

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