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Low-E glass is current energy-saving sex price is more mature than workmanship of good, production on the market, the material of window of building external door with applied wide range. As a series of buildings of energy-saving policy carry out, energy-saving floor area grows quickly, for plated film glass especially product of this one energy-saving building materials offers Low-E glass the market of a rapid growth, predicting market demand is met with annual the rate of 30% above rises.

Energy shortage is one of two big crises that current world faces. In recent years our country published a series of buildings energy-saving policy and code, construction ministry was released 2005 " public construction is energy-saving design standard " , " the announcement that designs a standard about building living building to be carried out strictly " , the province city such as Beijing, Shanghai, Tianjin, Shandong also comes on stage to build energy-saving design standard newly in succession, among them Beijing put forward door window to conduct heat the specific requirement of K of · of 2.8W/m2 of ≤ of coefficient K value. Construction ministry was rolled out recently " build energy-saving byelaw " ask for an opinion to stalk of grain, to environmental protection of ministry of ministry of science and technology, natural resources of the Ministry of finance, land, country total bureau of Wu of tax of total bureau, state is mixed hall of construction of each province, city, municipality and each municipality directly under the Central Government concern a branch to seek an opinion, drive energy-saving architectural promotion actively.

According to foreign experience, the government is energy-saving policy is to promote the main impetus that energy-saving building construction and market of application of energy-saving building materials grow. After like Sweden energy-saving 1998 code comes on stage, 45% what the market share of Low-E hollow glass occupied a window to use vitreous market share 2000. Germany implemented new energy-saving law 1995, the market of Low-E hollow glass has straightforward line to rise, adjacent 1998 100% . Near future country and each place published a series of buildings in succession energy-saving policy, undoubted meeting uses Low-E glass market to bring the period of a rapid growth to window of energy-saving external door.

Low-E glass will greet big hair exhibition period

The building is energy-saving and main include wall body heat preservation, door window heat preservation, heat addition system and new-style but second birth the sources of energy, building external door window and vitreous act wall is periphery protects the heat in the structure to conduct, thermal diffusion, lose the position with the the most active, most severe quantity of heat, it is hot losing of concrete wall body 56 times, occupy whole structure to warm oneself hot losing 40% ~ 50% , the application of energy-saving door window is one of keys with energy-saving building. Window of the face each other in the energy-saving building standard that rolls out in country and each province city put forward diathermancy to be able to ask, freezing and cold region, gave out commonly window of act wall, external door conducts heat the requirement of K of · of 2.8W/m2 of coefficient K ≤ , a large number of application of this hollow to Low-E glass provided legal policy basis.
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