Without window of casing glass door: In the family " invisible glasses "

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Going up century 70 time, wooden door window is in wide popularity, arrived 80 time, appeared window of model steel door, 90 time, appeared stage by stage window of aluminium alloy door, and technology of window of the balcony that do not have casing is Europe the building exterior latest technology that development of 20 centuries end develops, the family is known as in Europe medium " invisible glasses " , be built the group is state-owned the technology revolution that considers as a window the product.

Already the near future just does not appear window of door of the glass that do not have casing, but inside course of study, know without how many person actually.

New generation opens wide balcony window to employ high strenth aluminium alloy entirely without casing shift, import professional pulley. Slip technology uses athletic precision tall, noise is small, smooth the orbit with good sex is slip technology.

New generation opens wide balcony window without casing shift with its relaxed and outstanding design, bright exterior, deft the function that delimits easily and open visual effect, suit the dimensional feeling of the balcony more. In the meantime, return rain of can significant the block that block wind. Prevent a confusion of voices dustproof, make the balcony makes room of the vitreous house in the bedroom, sun truly, become the recreational corner of contemporary urbanism.

The future that window of door of the glass that do not have casing will be industry of vitreous door window develops way.

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