Xin Huaguang develops freeboard successfully to refract light of big chromatic d

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Inc. of data of information of Xin Huaguang of Hubei of group of Chinese arms industry holds to way of innovation of science and technology, enhance ability of own research and development, again and again of great achievements of scientific research achievement. Recently, the company studies successfully again giving out lanthanum of series freeboard reflection, big chromatic dispersion is optical glass, function achieves international top-ranking level. This series is high quality success of research and development is Xin Huaguang company the achievement of great scientific research this year, established a company to be in the lead position of industry of domestic optical glass.

The series optics glass that this Xin Huaguang manufactures all is market of current and optical glass content of in short supply, technology is tall, add the optical glass with great value. This series glass belongs to number of freeboard reflection, big Abbe and glass of big chromatic dispersion, into vitreous area narrow, easy crystallization, want to grind the glass with give out stability good special not easy, and technique of research and development of this kind of glass before this is main by optics of a few Japan company place forestall.

Issue the glass of this series brand that has own intellectual property for development, xin Huaguang company organizes a technology actively to tackle key problem. In developing a process, company technology personnel had fruitful job, undertook contrasting in great quantities experimenting, improve vitreous crystallization performance ceaselessly, the optics that adjusts glass is invariable. The course tries hard, the company is in eventually development of the middle ten days of a month will give optical performance in August performance of good, crystallization is good taste glass newly. This series is difficult the research and development that spends glass is successful, show scientific research of product of Xin Huaguang company developed actual strength to go up again a new chance to extricateoneself from an awkward position.

Current, xin Huaguang company is throwing the product of new development batch produce stage by stage. As a series of tall difficulty glass is pushed to the market, the company outside be sure to smash a state is right the forestall of this kinds of product, enlarge the gain space of the company, for the company further progress lays good foundation.

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