Glass of alloy of new-style magnesium titanium comes out

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Recently, scientist design of Japan gave alloy of a kind of titanium that use magnesium to regard convertibility as the new glass of the layer, can make transparent window turns into along with user need mirror.

Generally speaking, the glass of convertibility can adjust diaphaneity and color only, and in this kind of magnesium - in titanium alloy glass, refractive index is transformable, its principle is to use magnesian titanium alloy to regard convertibility as the layer, promoted the character of original glass. According to introducing, the scientist has been made gave sample of glass of alloy of the first this kind of magnesian titanium, norms is 60%26times;70cm, the alloy layer thick 40nm inside, still have the palladium metal layer with a thick 4nm in addition, can use at building, family and car.

The scientist expresses, finding appropriate alloy is the key that makes these glass. All sorts of convertibility glasswork before are in commercialize on encountered a problem, for example too costly, perhaps one is plant small yellow color, unwell at using as the car reachs the domain that needs clear view. Glass of this kind of new-style magnesian titanium alloy, better settlement the obstacle of cost respect and relevant blemish.

Scientist estimation, glass of this one new magnesian titanium alloy is used at the office and family to be able to reduce the air conditioning specific power consumption of 30% , in addition, researcher is devoting oneself to to improve the service life of this kind of glass.

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