Two kinds of new-style and energy-saving glass come out the blank of fill home

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Limited company of glass of Wuhan boast skin and island of emperor of the Qin Dynasty limited company of boast China glass, develop a nation that be brought into jointly recently two kinds of of 863 plans task new-style glass- - clean glass of He Zijie of glass of low radiation plated film, fill home is blank.

According to introducing, glass of low radiation plated film is multilayer on vitreous surface plating metal or the velar department product that other compound comprises. This product has taller transmissivity to visible light, to infrared ray (especially in outside Yuan Gong) have very tall reflectivity, have good heat proof quality.
Belong to zoology environmental protection new-style glass from clean glass, plating of its surface besmear a coating of transparent titanium dioxide smooth activator. Encounter sun's rays when the filmy layer of this smooth activator or after ultraviolet lamplight illuminate, adherent the organic contaminant in vitreous surface will be very fast be oxidized, become carbon dioxide and water and volatilize automatically abreaction.

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